Nida Hasan

Nida Hasan

Country Director,, India

Nida has been part of the India team since 2014. She is currently the Country Director for in India. Under her leadership, the platform has reached 1.5 crore users and continues to grow. She is responsible for developing a vision for’s work in India
that is deeply inspiring and motivating to the team, and aims to more effectively empower Indians who use to create the change they want to see.

She leads the growth of the brand in India, increasing the coverage of the remarkable stories of the campaign creators; communicating the power of’s brand and model.

In her previous capacity as Campaigns Director for India, Nida was responsible for executing the vision for the Women and Girls project. She lead a team of campaigners to support women leaders through content, mobilisation and strategy support which has led to some of the most iconic digital campaigns in the country.

She was also responsible for establishing a strong environment and infrastructure that facilitates citizen community and movement building. She initiates and nurtures strong partnerships with women leaders, civil society organisations working on women’s rights and stakeholders in government.

Prior to, Nida was working as a journalist for over 9 years covering South Asia and South East Asia for France’s national TV, France 2. She enjoys a strong cup of tea in the morning and loves reading historical