Mohit Thukral

Mohit Thukral

Co-Founder of Vivtera

Mohit Thukral is a co-Founder of Vivtera, a next-generation digital-led platform-based global business transformation provider. An acknowledged industry-thought leader with over two decades of experience in transformational services, Mohit has been backed by the Global Private Equity, Warburg Pincus for his new venture. Prior to setting up Vivtera in 2018, Mohit was an Executive Officer at Genpact, successfully leading the organization’s largest vertical of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance globally.   

As an ex-Executive member of NASSCOM, Mohit spearheaded the taskforce on FutureSkills platform, aimed at up-skilling two million technology professionals in the light of changing landscape. He is also a member of the Global Corporate Advisory Board of; a non-profit online learning enterprise founded by Harvard and MIT to bridge the skill gap between what the industry needs and what the universities provide.

Recognizing the need to re-imagine higher education in India, Mohit is a Founding Member and Trustee at Plaksha University, a 21st century technology university, anchored around the changing needs of technology education in the country. Additionally, he is a Founding member of Ashoka University, another highly successful private non-profit university built on a collective public philanthropy, pioneering a multi-disciplinary liberal arts education in India.

An avid traveler, Mohit loves meeting new people, exchanging ideas and supporting meaningful philanthropy projects.