The Young Trailblazer Award

This award recognizes a young pioneer whose vision, contribution, and leadership has broken through barriers, and brought people together to take action that hastens shared progress.


Gender:  Any

Age Group: 20 to 35 years

Assessment Criteria

Innovation: The best entries will demonstrate a creative approach to the challenge they tackle and the solution they propose. Their innovative approach is driven by original, groundbreaking ideas or being implemented in a way that will make a new significant difference to the community they are operating in.

Measurable Impact: Entries should explain how their initiative delivers positive social, economic, and/or environmental impact, using both quantitative and qualitative data. They would be tackling a significant sustainability issue and will have the potential of making a big difference by being expanded to new markets, sectors, or geographies.

How to Apply

Please send in your nominations with a detailed description of your work & its achievements at
Also, please send photographs, videos or any such supporting documents to showcase the purpose, journey and milestones of the community work.
Please send two references who will support your credentials.

Please mention in Subject : <name> : and The Young Trailblazer Award

Nomination forms must be completed and submitted by February 5, 2018 at ela@bdfoundati

Past Recipients

2015 :Sonal Kapoor

Sonal Kapoor, Founder CEO & Creative Director of Protsahan India Foundation is one of the most inspiring young social entrepreneurs of our time. A Microbiologist-MBA who gave up her ‘mainstream’ job, right at 23, she started a youthful and a vibrant social impact organization for sex abused and drug abused street kids, special kids and their mothers. Understanding that rote learning would not make sense to girls from red light areas, she innovated through the creativity of Design & Art, Technology, Cinema and Photography to teach them.

  2016 : Anusheela Saha

The recipient, Anusheela Saha invented The Light Bag. Anusheela has been working in advertising for over 10 years. A self taught artist, she strongly believes in the language of Design for Good and that is how The Light Bag came into existence. The Light Bag has won the prestigious One Show Pencils award, among other major global advertising awards. Currently she is working as a Senior Creative Director with in a global advertising agency Cheil Worldwide.