The Inclusion Leadership Award

This Award recognizes an individual for his/her efforts aimed at promoting diversity awareness, representation and inclusion within the India Inc. S/he would have shown a passionate commitment towards D&I agenda other than their own KRAs and have been influencing their organizational team and stakeholders consistently to adopt the inclusive culture.


Gender : Any

Age: 35 years +

Assessment Criteria

Influencing Others : Champions of diversity and inclusion can exert influence, not necessarily because of their titles, but by making a persuasive connection between organizational performance and progress on diversity and inclusion. Speaking engagements, both internally and externally, can be one mechanism for making the case for diversity and inclusion.

Being a Role Model : Champions “talk the talk and walk the walk.” It is not just what champions say, it is how they act that signals whether diversity and inclusion is truly important to the organization. For example, champions can demonstrate that mentoring is valued by personally mentoring someone from a different background.

Continually Learning : A champion of diversity and inclusion regularly reaches out to a diverse array of individuals to understand first-hand the experiences of someone from a different background.

Cultivating Diverse Teams : Whether staffing teams internally or externally, diversity champions seek out diverse talent in its many forms. Champions of diversity and inclusion place a premium on good management, both for themselves and others. They strive to develop and retain their diverse team members, by mentoring, coaching, and providing constructive feedback.

Innovating and Taking Risks : In order to make diversity a reality, creative and practical solutions must be identified and implemented. Champions of diversity and inclusion believe change is possible and see opportunities where others see obstacles.

Holding yourself and others valtrex cheap accountable for diversity and inclusion : Accountability is an evolutionary process beginning with systematically making the case that diversity and inclusion is beneficial to the organization’s and individual’s bottom-line. When individuals are not participating, diversity and inclusion champions can use their personal influence to encourage others to take action.

External Leadership Involvement : Pro bono activities are another important way in which individuals may have an impact on diversity within the profession and society in general.

Past Recipients

2015 : Dilip Kumar Ganta, Vodafone

Dilip Kumar Ganta, Sales & Marketing Head (Tamil Nadu), Vodafone is the recipient for the award. Dilip’s efforts on promoting women in sales, and that too in remote locations, are commendable. The Jury was unanimous in their choice for the award as Dilip’s work in the space, like mentoring women leaders in his organization, is exemplary. He has shown a passionate commitment towards D&I agenda and has been influencing his organizational team and stakeholders consistently to adopt the inclusive culture.

2016 : Patu Keswani, The Lemon Tree Hotel

The recipient Patu Keswani, Chairman & MD of The Lemon Tree Hotel Company, is the recipient for this award. Lemon Tree Hotel employs persons with disabilities and imparts relevant employability skills to them and sensitizes others too, to help them realize their full potential and live with dignity. 15 % of the employee base comprises of such persons; and doing this while ensuring the business context of customer delight truly makes him an Inclusive Leader.