The Community Excellence Award

This award recognizes a group/community who has made an outstanding contribution towards a local minority community – age, disability, gender, LGBT and other issues.

Assessment Criteria

Acts as a role model in championing equal opportunity issues in minority communities.
Creates an inclusive culture by challenging inequalities/barriers/bias in the application of People Management policies, for example Recruitment, Performance Management, Development and Promotion and implementing appropriate, high quality and cost effective workplace adjustments etc.

Leads positive action or intervention(s) to enable talented employees to achieve their full potential.
Proactively engages with minority groups, applying knowledge and insight to tackle issues identified and foster an inclusive working environment for all employees; and/or improve access to services for minority group customers.

How to Apply

Please send in your nominations with a detailed description of your work & its achievements at
Also, please send photographs, videos or any such supporting documents to showcase the purpose, journey and milestones of the community work.
Please send two references who will support your credentials.
Please mention in Subject : <name> : and The Community Excellence Award
Nomination forms must be completed and submitted by February 5, 2018 at

Past Recipients

2016 : Humsafar Trust

Humsafar Trust is a community-based organization of self-identified gay men, MSM, hijras, and LBT\npersons in Mumbai since 1994. The Humsafar Trust is a part of the queer collective: Queer Azaadi Mumbai. The Humsafar Trust acts as a secretariat and provides all the back end support such as the police permissions, meeting spaces and volunteer management. One of the main aim of this collective is to highlight the issues of section 377, the problems it creates on the ground and how it does not fit into the present day constitution.